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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  December 7, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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. now at 11:00. most of us under a winter storm warning from bone chilling temperatures to sleet, freezing rain and ice. people are gearing up before conditions take a turn for the worse tomorrow. but first, breaking news in prince george's county. a police officer injured after a shootout with a gunman. this happened in district heights. darcy spencer joins us live from the scene as investigators reveal new details about what led up to the gunfire. darcy? >> reporter: adam, we're told there was a call for a commercial robbery in this area before 9:00 this evening. some sort of commercial establish. involving a television business. police arrive there to investigate this robbery. then they began to follow a suspect vehicle right here into the park land apartments in district heights on park land court. this is where an exchange of gunfire happened between the suspects and police officers. we're told that a prince george's county police officer fired his service weapon as well as at least one of the suspects.
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a district heights police officer was shot and wounded. we understand that the officer was shot in the chest area but he was wearing his vest. he is expected to be okay. one of the suspects was also shot and is listed in serious condition at a local hospital. additional suspect is being questioned at this time. one other suspect is still on the loose. let's hear a little bit from lieutenant alexander from the prince george's county police department about how that district heights police officer is doing this evening. >> we absolutely believe that his bullet resistant vest saved his life. the round struck his vest. he's going to be fine. >> reporter: so again, very fortunate here about this district heights police officer shot, again, in the chest area. but saved by that vest. again, this is a very active scene out here. as you can see behind me, police are still searching for an additional suspect in connection with the investigation. reporting live from district heights, darcy spencer, news 4.
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thank, darcy. our other big story, the weather. amelia siegel in storm center 4 as we transition from snow to yes, ice. >> a winter storm warning is in effect for most of the area. the biggest threat with this system is going to be a prolonged period of sleet followed by hours of freezing rain falling across the region. now that winter storm warning begins tomorrow morning and it's going to run through monday morning for the areas in pink. that includes fairfax and montgomery counties, frederick county, loudoun county, prince williams and falk ear counties. prince george's, and anne arundel county. snow arrives during the morning and then we'll be dealing with sleet during the afternoon, as well as freezing rain before we see it switch over to only freezing rain across the area tomorrow night and then during
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the overnight hours. most precipitation will become all rain as temperatures actually warm. the snowfall forecast, about a dusting to an inch in the d.c. metro area except for northern montgomery county where you could see up to 3 inches. loudoun county, falk ear county. washington, arlington, fairfax, montgomery, all the areas in dark pink. what does that mean? we could see icy roads. you want to avoid travel later tomorrow and power outages possible as well. i'm back with timing hour by hour as the system unfolds in about ten minutes. >> seems like it's going to be messy. transportation crews are preparing to head out early in the morning to pre treat roads ahead of the expected snow and freezing rain. the threat of the weather has people stocking up. we spoke to shoppers grabbing the essentials tonight. >> people buying shovels and
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salt and anything that will help them clear their sidewalks if we get the icy weather that they're proposing we get. >> transportation officials encouraging people to stay home during the storm tomorrow to avoid any dangerous conditions. another storm is wreaking havoc across the country. people in the south were hit the hardest. in dallas, texas, temperatures fell below freezing. hundreds of accidents have been reported since friday causing delays and shutting down a major highway for hours. in texas and arkansas, crews are racing to clear the ice off power lines, more than 200,000 people remain in the dark, other places digging out getting as much as 13 inches of snow. the snow and ice also impacting air travel, more than a thousand flights can semd, more than half in dallas forcing some families to spend the night at the airport. >> as the second storm inches closer, we want to take you, make sure you stay ahead of it. you can download the weather app. get live radar images, weather
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updates from your phone any time of the day. one person has been killed after a fiery crash in fairfax county. police tell us two cars collided in the northbound hov lanes at the franconia-springfield parkway. it happened just before 9:00. the impact was so powerful that one car caught fire. emergency crews had to close that stretch of 95 while it was cleared. traffic is now moving slowly. still no leads after a murder in northwest d.c. the victim's 32-year-old lemont hall. poliisou body near first street in the truck ston circle area overnight. he was shot several times. no word on a suspect or a motive. police offering $25,000 for information that leads to an arrest. and tonight we've learned that president obama and first lady michelle obama will be in south africa on tuesday to pay their final respects to nelson mandela. they plan to attend a memorial
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in johannesburg at a stadium. the president will travel with former president george w. bush and laura on air force one. bill clinton and jimmy carter also plan to attend. the mandela family released their first statement since he passed away saying they've lost a great man. a son of the soil. here in d.c., a growing tribute outside the south african embassy in northwest. a steady stream of people have been coming since the news broke. one local d.c. resident said she was inspired by the former south african president and felt compelled to visit his statue. >> he was willing to give his life to what he believed in. he moved me. i had to be here. >> a memorial for mandela is being planned at the washington national cathedral on wednesday. news 4 will have complete coverage as the world pays tribute to nelson mandela our.
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our own jim vance will also be in south africa next week. an 85-year-old california man is home tonight after spending seven weeks as a prisoner in north korea. merrill newman arrived back on u.s. soil. while visiting there, he was held without explanation. he was accused of crimes dating back to his service in the korean war claiming that he trained south korean guerillas. a video of him making an apology was released, the government announced he was deporting him on humanitarian grounds zoifrjts a sinkhole swallows a car. now we know what caused the road to give way. a crime spree in the district as investigators search for the person responsible. and a delivery truck goes up in flames, torching tens of in flames, torching tens of thousyou won't take my life.
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take a look at this. a deteriorating indicating sewer line is to blame for the damage in california. it was swallowed by a sinkhole that opened up overnight. emergency crews say the deteriorating line caused the asphalt to give way. crews pulled the cadillac out. no one in the car at the time. some ups packages heading out of maryland for the holidays won't make it this year. a truck with $20,000 worth of packages, it caught fire today. no one was hurt. ups has not said how it will compensate customers whose packages were destroyed. an expensive crime spree. vandals broke into more than a dozen cars along a busy stretch of northwest d.c. it happened on new york avenue, not far from chinatown.
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the crooks used something hef toy break the windows on the parked cars. important items were taken says one resident. >> they took my girlfriend's prescription glasses, some sunglasses of mine. nothing else too valuable was in the car. >> this crime spree happened across the street from a police station. so far no suspects. if you have any information, you're asked to contact the police. coming up, we're staying on top of the storm. that's coming this way. a winter storm warning already in effect for the region. amelia will be
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warning tonight for pet own ners a northern virginia community. a raccoon collected by animal control officers this week in the mt. vernon area tested positive for a viral disease. canine distemper is highly contagious. it can be deadly for dogs. pet owners need to make sure their dogs are vaccinated. symptoms of the disease include vomiting a loss of appetite or a thick mucus from their eyes and nose. yikes, bring in the dogs. with the weather the way it will be tomorrow, you don't want any animal outside. bring them in. honestly, we're talking about a matter of hours before it gets tricky around here, right? >> snow will arrive during the late morning hours and transitioning to sleet and dealing with sleet and freezing rain for the late afternoon and evening hours tomorrow. can't say it enough. the biggest concern with this system will be icing. so you need to get the grocery shopping done earlier in the day tomorrow. the earlier you head out and get
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back home, it's going to be better. here's that ice forecast. significant icing is possible in washington, arlington, all these areas in dark pink. montgomery county, fairfax county. some icing is possible in southern maryland but we're more concerned for areas along the i-95 corridor and further back to the west. most of these areas could see up to .25 inches of ice. but the areas along the i-81 corridor could see more than that. we're concerned with power outages that -- from icing and also treacherous roads. download the storm team 4 app. we keep updating it and follow us on twitter. doug has been tweeting tonight, i'm tweeting tonight. chuck bell and veronica will be in tomorrow morning updating the forecast. i want to take you through it hour by hour. 10:00 a.m., snow starts to arrive in the area. we continue to see snow through the midday hours. here we are at 11:00 a.m.
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tomorrow. 1:00 p.m. snow continues. we are going to get accumulation. then sleet and freezing rain during the afternoon hours. notice at 3:00, washington, prince george's county, fairfax and arlington, already seeing freezing rain at that point. we continue to see freezing rain through the evening hours and areas back to the west continue to see freezing rain. leesburg, winchester, maryland, overnight. most areas in southern maryland and washington start to see only rain. for the monday -- loudoun county, prince william, fauquier county. generally in the 30s tonight, lows in the 20s. tomorrow, temperatures will hover just below freezing throughout the day. 7:00 a.m., we're cold, dry. a temperature of 29. at 11:00 a.m., dealing with snow, a temperature of 31 degrees. sleet and freezing rain at 3:00
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p.m. a temperature of 29 at that point. 7:00 p.m., mainly freezing rain across the area and a temperature of 31 degrees. then it's not over. we continue to see pockets of freezing rain on sunday morning. mainly to the west of the d.c. metro area. that likely becomes all rain by about 10:00 a.m. we continue to see rain throughout the day on monday. not as cold. a high temperature of 45. we're keeping an eye on tuesday also. there's a chance that the system will not leave the area. we could see rain and snow on tuesday. a high temperature of 39 degrees for wednesday a high of 42. with partly sunny skies. we're cold thursday and friday. temperatures finally start to warm next saturday. a temperature of 44 degrees with a cloud and sun mix. but, again, tomorrow will be the day that we are continuing to update you. we're looking at snow, changing to sleet, freezing rain and eventually becoming all rain and adam, again, the biggest concern
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will be isiah cumulation leading to treacherous roads and potentially power outages as well. want to update you on breaking news we told you about. a district heights police officer expected to be okay after being hit in his bulletproof vest. it all started after reports of a robbery. police reportedly followed the suspect's car into an apartment complex on parkland court in district heights. that's when shots were fired. in addition to the officer, one suspect was shot and taken to the hospital in serious condition. a second suspect is being questioned right now. a third suspect remains on the loose. we'll stay on top of that for you. still ahead, the caps score early and often.
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this is the xfinity sports desk. brought fou by xfinity. your home for the most live sportsment. jason, a big night for the caps. they win big. >> great night for the capitals. if you played for the caps, there's a great chance you scored a goal tonight. that's how good it was. they went back at it at the verizon center and gave the home fans a lot to cheer for. five goals scored by five different players. it was a complete blowout against the predators. caps fans showing some love for matt hendricks. he left the team this off season to play for nashville. first period, caps up 1-0.
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off the power play. nick backstrom wins the face-off and alex ovechkin, he takes care of the rest. he leads the league in goals with 22 this season. that gave the caps a 2-0 lead. a little history here. defenseman karl always ner scores his first goal at the verizon center. st played for the team six seasons now. more history. marty erat feeds 22-year-old nate schmidt, that's his first nhl goal ever. another look. take the puck up. that one is a keeper for the kid. 4-1 caps lead it. but there's more. the third period. mikaele ga brof ski leads it -- the caps win 5-2. what's the biggest difference tonight when it comes to scoring pucks? >> i think we were getting a little too fancy. we're looking for that perfect tap-in, back door play. we talked before the game, just
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get pucks to the net and crash and get some rebounds and try to get a greasy ones. it worked. >> we've been behind a lot lately. it was good to have the lead and go through it the rest of the game and play good defensively. >> it's a product of we all worked hard to get the puck and we got rewarded tonight for it. face-offs are so important. i haven't thought it was one of our strengths this year. it was good to see a good game. >> good to see nate schmidt score his first career nhl goal. no time to rest for the capitals. they're on the ice tomorrow against the rangers. moving on to college basketball. virginia head coach tony bennett is well-respected in the coaching world. some much his best memories came as a player. he played at the university of wisconsin green bay. tonight he returned home. bennett led the fighting phoenix to their first ncaa appearance in 19191 as a player. he returns as head coach of the cavaliers. first half, justin anderson
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loses the ball. kuiper sykes going the other way. he had 21 points, 37-31 uw green bay at halftime. second half, the cavs trying to come back. mitchell with the slam there. they're down by just two. down three now. seconds to play, justin anderson trying to tie it. that three is off the mark. virginia, they lose in green bay, 75-72. georgetown hosting coal gate. earlier today, the hoyas started on a 10-0 run and kept it going. hopkins make thg look easy. he had nine points on the night. hoyas go up by seven. they kept that lead. the senior can't be stopped on his way to the bucket. 12 points in the game. georgetown, 61-55. they win it. will now take ten days off for final exams. all right.
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last weekend was the craziest college football weekend i've witnessed. today was second. conference championship games being played all across the country. the auburn tigers made a case why they should be considered national title figures. to atlanta, the georgia dome. the redskins will be there next week. auburn up in the second quarter. marshall fumbles the ball. that is e.j.aines who recovers it and that is a touchdown for missouri. they lead it 17-14. the tigers rushing attack was dominant. cameron ar tis payne scoots to the end zone. 35-34. auburn leads it. trey mason the man of the nigh. four touchdowns. that one from 13 yards out. he's an offensive lineman. a auburn is the s.e.c. champ. winning it 59-40. make the confetti angels there. maryland state finals in
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baltimore. middletown knights rocking the mow hawks against the -- >> knights. >> first quarter, middletown, tim per own. avoiding the rush and finds peter all alone. 8-yard touchdown in middletown. they win their third consecutive state championship 17-3. amelia's alma mater, middletown. congratulations. we checked. amelia still doesn't have the mohawk. >> probably not a good look for her. thanks so much. that's our news for tonight. "saturday night live" next. amelia, it's going to be an interesting day tomorrow,
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